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Free VSTi by Softrave

Softrave Free VSTi`S

These VSTi`s are for free.  Please make some Paypal donation for instruments if you use them and like them




Catalog of Free VST & VSTI plugins







Marijuana VSTI version 1.1

I decided to put my old VSTi here again. It`s for techno rave house electro and dance music

here it is - 4mb

Noisybox  VSTI version 1.0

Click here to enlarge

This synth  is temposynced and designed for use in IDM, electro, trance and experimental styles. 

Press the key, turn the modwheel. Be careful with your speaker. I guess you must have some compressor in chain

Here it is - 1.5 Mb

Jew Harp VSTI version 1.0

This synth is based on samples of jew harp, vargan, 

khomuz, maultrommel from different areas of the world.

Here it is - 5 Mb

Harmonium  VSTI version 1.0

This synth is based on samples of real 19th century 

 Harmonium that i`ve sampled one day in center of Moscow. 

It has very warm and realistic sound

Thanks Harmonium owner Vitaly Kataev

This synth is 3 semitones lower than it must be. 

Sorry, but i can`t repair it. 
So use +3 semitones in your sequencer.

Download here - 9 mb

Harmonium Pro VSTi with sustain here


This tempo synced synth is for IDM i guess 

or some other strange experiments

Download here - 1 mb

{knobs and sliders by oli larkin}





Radio VSTI

This synth produce dirty radiolike pulsating sounds 

syncronised to BPM. Good for idm, cut`n`click, 

noise and industrial.

{knobs and sliders by oli larkin}

download - 1.2 mb

Satory  VSTI version 1.0  

 This synth is perfect for any mix. Add some satory to your music. 

In memory of John Cage.

Download Satory Vsti 1.0 - zip 1100 Kb and enjpy :)

Ibiza Drums  VSTI version 1.0

Play drum, turn the modwheel, get millon euros cash!

Download Ibiza drums Vsti 1.0 - zip 2521 Kb

Mandala VSTI version 1.0

This Vsti is for rythmic pads and solo. Experiment 

with tempos and pulse divide.

Download Mandala Vsti 1.0 - zip 1500 Kb

Mushroom BPM VSTi version 1.1

This VSTi is temposynced and produce strange mushroom sounds!

Thanks to Lena Maryashina for nice pic!

Download Mushroom BPM Vsti 1.0 - zip 1200 Kb

BuushLaaden VSTi version 2.0


This VSTi is temposynced and produce RAVE sounds that 

terrorists and imperialists are so afraid of!

Download Buushlaaden Vsti 2.0 - zip 1300 Kb

Yeah my counter registered 7 visits from .gov domain

God bless America!


OM version 1.1

OM synth is for Trance, Rave and Techno and it really 

agressive and buzzing. And legend said that OM was 

 the first sound! Modwheel controls  2 resonances 

 so play with it. Fm vol 1&2 will take you far 

away. Good for use with Gate effect/

Download OM 1.1 - 638 Kb

Dao synth ver 1.1

 Dao synth is for Rave, Trance, House and Techno. 

 It was inspired by Soviet analog synths such as 

 Alisa, Estradin and Polyvox. See more info about 

 them here. It has 3 generators and FM and you 

 can imitate dirty, weird and "unstable" sounds 

 of analog era.  Modwheel controls resonance so 

 to get the sound the first thing you must do 

is to move it.

Download Dao synth version 1.1  -  zip 611 Kb




Crystal VSTi free patches


Sounds for Crystal synth 

bank1- for rave, trance and techno

bank2 - for idm, electro and dub

Crystal Vsti Bank 3 by Dr Tikov

This bank is for IDM, Techno , Electro and axperimental electronica


Music made with those banks


Please donate for those banks



Music made with Softrave Free plugs

send us your links for youtube or soundcloud

Dr Tikov track made with Softrave Free synths


Abstract glitch track of IDM experimental artist RetranslatoR

Only Softrave VSTI`s were used  


Neusrosampler project - Softrave synths used in those tracks









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